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BDMS Southern Group, a group of 6 hospitals in Southern Thailand and part of Thailand’s largest hospital network, approached Bedside to develop a website and campaign for recruiting talented Thai doctors, nurses and medical staff to work at Southern Group hospitals.

Bedside’s approach was to highlight lifestyle opportunities in southern Thailand as a unique differentiator for medical professionals seeking employment in Thailand. Bedside produced a series of videos, presenting Phuket, Hat Yai and Koh Samui as ideal locations for families and singles looking for an alternative to city life, focused on the careers and lifestyles of current BDMS doctors and nurses.

Upon completion of the dual language Thai and English website, Bedside launched a targeted marketing campaign to reach medical professionals beginning their careers, looking for change, or returning to Thailand from abroad.

Consolidated Job Board Covering All Southern Group Hospitals

Bedside developed a custom dual language job board, allowing secure access by HR departments throughout the Southern Group to add and update open positions at their hospitals. This consolidated approach for presenting career opportunities throughout southern Thailand provides medical professionals with a single full-service online stop for planning their futures in medicine.

Videos Highlighting Lifestyle Opportunities in Southern Thailand

Bedside’s content development team worked with BDMS to develop a series of videos introducing the southern Thailand #wayoflife through the voices of current doctors and nurses. Our initial series of videos told the stories of a young male doctor beginning his career in Phuket, a doctor raising two children with her physician husband, and a nurse enjoying a healthy Phuket lifestyle after work with friends. The videos also highlight the varied career opportunities available as well as the quality of care and level of technology which are hallmarks of the BDMS Southern Group.

Targeted Marketing Campaign

Bedside’s marketing strategy began with selecting the URL for this website: This URL captures the essence of the project while providing a solid foundation for search engine optimization.

Working with BDMS Southern Group, we identified characteristics and locations of a target audience, and implemented a combination of targeted social media messaging and Google AdWords marketing to reach them.

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